Become A Cimmerian Syndicate VIP

Why become a Cimmerian Syndicate V.I.P.?

1what is the VIP program?
To make a long story short, it means that you are a supporter or benefactor of the org. You are one of the members who make our ship giveaways possible! Because of that, we give you guys cool exclusive badges in discord and for every 5 dollars you enter, a chance to win the ship giveaway raffle that month!
2What do you, the donor, get out of it?
For every 5 dollars you donate, you earn one raffle ticket for our giveaway that month. As the org grows, I hope to have either multiple winners of smaller ships or continue growing the ship size that is available.
3What is the money spent on?
The money is spent on either ship raffles, gear raffles, and more for our members.
4How does payment work?
Well, we felt most comfortable using paypal on the website, but you can use Paypal with a online debit or credit card without having a Paypal account too!
5What if I have more questions?
Ping Lakayn or any officer in discord.


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