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The pirate life isn't for everyone in Star Citizen. It's a life of fast paced action, terror, and when everything goes right, riches. We are currently recruiting into our syndicate prior to the game going live. To inquire about joining, feel free to contact us today. Our members enjoy all types of benefits like free ships, syndicate protection, and a free pass across the galaxy to do as you please as long as it abides by our charter. Want to be a Star Citizen pirate? Look no further...

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Potential Client?

The Cimmerian Syndicate offers protection services at an affordable price. The syndicate offers the following services for hire:

Personal Services

  • Protective Services
  • Mining Permits
  • Escort / Transport

Organization Services

  • Fleets As A Service
  • Mercenary Services
  • Protective Services

What Does Cimmerian Syndicate Do?

    • Piracy70%
    • Mercenary Work50%
    • Bounty Hunting40%
    • Transport Protection20%

While C1M dabbles in many areas of profit across the universe, nothing comes close to our core services and piracy in Star Citizen. We believe in being fair pirates and making sure every citizen has the opportunity to comply. We even have a strict code of conduct in the event of a boarding. We even offer everything from protection or bodyguard services to defensive fleets as a service for your organization.

By working with Cimmerian Syndicate, you are hiring professionals who get the job done.

Cimmerian Syndicate


We are currently building out our fleets during Alpha and Beta. Fly with us today!


See You In The 'Verse

The Cimmerian Syndicate is a fearsome group of pirates interested in taking your credits. Whether it be through services, contracts, ransom, or blackmail, we assure you paying up your syndicate dues will be cheaper than the alternative.

Fly with us or fly against us.

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